Hong Kong Marginalia

A Project Share (Hong Kong) Programme

Hey! Call and Response-ability

Kevin Ming, PhD.  Photo Credit: Hu Jian Hong, of her daughter and interlocutors Let's think with my four (at least) interlocutors here, small human, cat, insect (?), and the photographer. Each is in different ways responsive to other(s) even as... Continue Reading →

Refugia (II)

Image: Maria Sibylla Merian, "Dissertation in Insect Generations and Metamorphosis in Surinam," c.1719 There is no obvious answer to the crisis of livability in which young folks, and all of us, in unequal ways, find ourselves.  There is no shared... Continue Reading →

Refugia (I)

“Ocean.” Original painting by Long Beach, California artist Tela Long (1)   “I was twice drawn to think about hope recently. In both cases the context was extinction.” - Deborah Bird Rose We are in the midst of the sixth... Continue Reading →

Occupying Cruel Optimism

Lauren Berlant's work asks difficult questions about survival in neoliberal economies from what she has called a position of "depressive realism," which as I read it is a way of sitting with, or occupying for a time, the raw and... Continue Reading →

Eating Worry

  CY Leung, Hong Kong Chief Executive, participated recently in an NGO-sponsored exercise apparently intended to educate more affluent people about the difficulty of living on low incomes in Hong Kong. In CY Leung's mock family exercise (pun intended), he... Continue Reading →

Bad Youth: Introduction

A quick review of the academic literature, governmental reports, and news reporting on young people in Hong Kong, especially “marginal youth,” turns up a great deal of “problem-oriented,” mostly positivistic work that seeks to quantify, describe, and suggest generally individualistic... Continue Reading →

Stigmatic Spaces

In an interview discussing her two Tin Shui Wai-focused films, the director Ann Hui described her initial impressions of the area, saying “It doesn’t look like a sad city, it looks like a carefully planned, modern, almost comic-book place….giving the... Continue Reading →

A Present History: Ethnicity, Education, and Exclusion

This is a guest post by Vanessa Sterling.  Vanessa is Director of the University's Pitt-in-China Program and an historian of ethnic relations in China. I rarely get to see my colleagues engaged in their actual research process. So, I was... Continue Reading →

An Epidemic of Shyness? Part 2

This is a guest post by Dr. Robert Spires.  Bob is assistant professor of education at Valdosta State University and has collaborated on Project Share research. What, if any, negative impacts of shyness are likely for disadvantaged youth in Hong... Continue Reading →

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